The main idea behind Autodesenvolvimento para Desenvolvedores (Self-Development for Developers) is not to provide a short list of tasks for developers to read and increase their proficiency. The idea is otherwise to provide some basic concepts for the developer to develop himself. Why? The development activity has a pleasant nature: it is joyful to build things (or for testers, destroy). For this reason, I would never take the fun out of this  job and I’ll never present everything like a cake recipe; or worse by influencing developers to be robots who do not think by themselves and are not creative.

I also highlight a book excerpt (below) to developers understand why it is important to grow within this job, to managers understand why a good team is way better than a bad team and to business owners understand that having proficient people always cost less money after all.

If we think about it, there’s a reason for a company to invest in its developers. Any business exists to make and sell their goods and services, ie trade their products. So it’s safe to say that it is thanks to these products that the company exists. The cntinuation of this business is the reason for the company to keep going; therefore a company has its growth proportional to the benefit generated by its products. As these products must be the result of some sort of development activity, the success of a company becomes directly proportional to the quality of the development of these products; and finally, this development will be as good as its developers.

This passage one of the most important in the book to me. This is when I say that the development activity, in every company, should be a one of the main activities. It is easy to idealize technological marvels: the concept of “Tablet” was already seen in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, however, there is a very important thing between the idea and the product: the development.

Finally, I like the idea that the book has two goals: (1) help those just starting out, and (2) help who were recently transferred to management and until so far had been managing by making use of common sense.

Some details:

Facebook page of the Book.

Already available for sale at the Schoba  Bookstore! Soon also in:

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