Your career in technology is the basis for you to develop.

mainly seemed a joke, but always find myself, in conversations with developers, they focus increasingly on their technical skills and neglect their careers.

Then, with 10, 12 years in the market, always ask:

Why is my compensation so low?

Why am I not promoted?

Why does not the company value me?

And the answer is obvious.

It’s because you did not care about your career.

So basically this is what this blog offers.

What is it?

Repositório (Repository) is an opinion blog with some informative content.

The main theme is career in technology in Brazil, specifically in the areas of electrical, electronic, computer and IT.

Where did it come from?

Ricardo Tafas, founder of this blog, thought he had a good experience in engineering and people management as well as developing technology products in Brazil. People came asking for some career advice, so he decided to write to the public.

It started with posts published on Linkedin and Facebook, but these did not allow formatting or two languages. Then the bit text that no one was reading went to WordPress, which also no one read, then finally came here that also nobody reads.

Ok, sometimes someone reads. But it was by mistake.

And if you need to, you can switch from English to Portuguese in seconds. And vice versa.

Where is it going to?

Good question. It is not known. It may be that accumulate texts to become a book. It may be that hangs on a site with apocryphal content. But one thing is fact:. As there is someone willing to develop something here, it is quite possible that this blog stand up.

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