Regulate or Certify?

02/16/2017 rftafas 0

With so many disruptive technologies out there, we can never forget the biggest stakeholder of all the projects: the Government. How will it handle this? One Wrong Idea… I’m going […]

Standards Doom

04/12/2016 rftafas 0

The development of any system faces various problems over time by increasing the entropy of the source material. However, this problem is magnified greatly when the system is born with […]

AI: Fear of the Dark

02/02/2016 rftafas 0

Okay, a lot has been said about “artificial intelligence that will destroy humanity” using the famous example of the paper clip. For those unaware, it would be appropriate to create […]

Uma Moeda de Bitcoin

A World in Bitcoin

08/01/2015 rftafas 0

Recently, I have talked to some people about bitcoin or other digital currencies. I realized that many people do not quite understand it and mistake bitcoin (which would be analogous […]