Editorial – 22/05/2016

I thought having a blog and managing it would be easy. It’s not.

The amount of things I’m learning from this has been huge: not only in the sense of content edition, but also behind the scenes of a blog .

I wrote in other posts that it is important to learn new things. All this media and digital content has been quite instructive both in content and technical knowledge.


Some posts, though relevant, do not have much to do with the blog target content and public, but either to me or the books I wrote. To keep the presentation like a magazine, I decided that an editorial section would make more sense.

This is therefore the first publication in order to be an editorial post.

Magazine Format

Many people have probably noticed that the theme has changed. The previous theme gave the idea of a mobile app. But still I had a lot of blog look and, despite this being a blog, I consider it more like a magazine.

I was dissatisfied with the previous look and I have decided to pursue a theme in the looks of a magazine and the result was this.

It is also interesting to note the fact that I had to learn a lot of different things to run this blog. Contrary to what one might think, There is a lot of work here.

As usual, suggestions are much welcome.

Categories or Notebooks

All blog content has been reviewed and categorized so that everyone can navigate among the most relevant articles more easily.

So those who want to read about career can avoid reading about technology. Those who wants to read only varieties, can do so.


Finally, I am doing some research for the publications I write. I have just released the first, but it will be part of a great series and all data will obviously be shared. Unfortunately, it is only in portuguese.

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Ricardo F. Tafas Jr graduated in Electrical Engineering at UFRGS with focus on Digital Systems and achieved his Masters also in Electrical Engineering on Telecomunications Network Management. He also author of "Autodesenvolvimento para Desenvolvedores (Self-development for developers). Ricardo has +10 years experience on R&D Management and +13 years on Embedded Eystem Development. His interest lay on Applied Strategic HR, Innovation Management and Embedded Technology as a differentiator and also on High Performance Digital Systems and FPGAs. Actually, he is editor and writer for “Repositório” blog (, editorial board member at Embarcados (https://embarcados.com.br) and he is Management and Innovation Specialist at Repo Dinâmica - Aceleradora de Produtos.
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