Editorial – December/2016

Articles of the Month

The Research comes to an end.

This month ends the campaign on our research about how developers perceive their management and in January I should start to interpret the results and comment results.

The overall result was good and although it did not reach the limit of the interviewees, the sample was enough to observe some worrying behavioral patterns (such as carelessness by people management) and to overcome some fallacies (that in Brazil there is no result oriented manager).

For now, we had the partials:

  • Partial 1: Research: Developers and Managers
  • Partial 2: Has accessible, but poor coach manager
  • Partial 3: Commitment to Outcome
  • Partial 4: People Management is not the main

Planning for 2017

I started some plans for the blog in 2017.

  • We will have a market research quarterly, always with a lot of books to raffle.
  • Some new specials related to research
  • Guest Posts!
  • Best Articles: links to good articles found on the WEB.

The schedule for implementation of all this? In 2017.

Ends 2016 …

What a crazy year.

  • Crisis;
  • Impeachment;
  • Olympics;
  • Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar;
  • Municipal elections with unexpected results;
  • Trump elected;
  • Ricardo’s repository, 1 year;
  • Accidents of football teams (Chape, Uganda);
  • Death of pop icons (Carrie Fischer, George Michael)…

Yeah, 2016 was not the best. There is nothing to comment, just hope 2017 is a good year.

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Ricardo F. Tafas Jr graduated in Electrical Engineering at UFRGS with focus on Digital Systems and achieved his Masters also in Electrical Engineering on Telecomunications Network Management. He also author of "Autodesenvolvimento para Desenvolvedores (Self-development for developers). Ricardo has +10 years experience on R&D Management and +13 years on Embedded Eystem Development. His interest lay on Applied Strategic HR, Innovation Management and Embedded Technology as a differentiator and also on High Performance Digital Systems and FPGAs. Actually, he is editor and writer for “Repositório” blog (, editorial board member at Embarcados (https://embarcados.com.br) and he is Management and Innovation Specialist at Repo Dinâmica - Aceleradora de Produtos.
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