Series: Tips to land a job in Development


It was a very intense work. Write a long series, with everything I observed and learned about vacancies, interviews and tie this development was something that left me quite satisfied. For those who want to read in sequence and did not follow the series of publications:

These were the steps I originally planned. However, during the research, I had the idea of a simple questionnaire to leave a little of the reality of my stats (I’ve been accumulating anything structured way during the race) and put some numbers. Incidentally, following the very advice I give in Self-Development.


I wrote this because I have been very concerned about what I see: a lot of people in need of employment and falling into the traps sadder that this digital world presents. People promising absurd gains shortcuts for complicated jobs (sheet of this or that), etc.

I wrote all that serious to demonstrate that only the determination and hard work lead to success. as always, it is very simple to do what must be done. However, although simple, it is not easy.

The Research

I did some research to understand what people think. Accessible by Link :


My goal was therefore to try to put a little more consistency in developers who are looking for new opportunities to do so with more directivity and diligence. I put there all helped me and what I learned.

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