Editorial – October 2016

October, month of news in the repository.

The Repository

The repository has made great strides. A hobby, is becoming a professional tool quite interesting. I have received suggestion of content (for now, mainly known via Whatsapp or Skype) and a lot of people have tried to talk to me and request coaching, discussed aspects of career and etc.

Editorials are usually written on behalf of a team. As for now it’s just me, it’s in first person.

Today the first mailing list (last Friday of every month) from the repository, after much charging a lot of people who missed the updates and had to read 2-3 posts in a row. Social media we don’t comment (we, the public) that they do not disclose to all our contacts all our posts. Only a half dozen receives and as the publication is gaining “relevance” (likes, shares and reactions) she is being “offered” to more people.

So, for people who were indicated, registered or even who had professional contact, follow the mailing list. Has to “unsubscribe” to anyone who doesn’t want to, because the last thing I want is to be a spammer.


Learning that any technical initiative generates is really really great. A few more important topics that I learned a lot about:



  • SEO-Search Engine Optimization
  • Mailing lists
  • programming in PHP (I already grated, but now to sticking your hand in the guts of WordPress).

So, the list of posts “writing” has increased a lot.

< span class = "a" > 2:4 And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more like a controlled use of shared memory.

~ King James Programming .

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Ricardo F. Tafas Jr graduated in Electrical Engineering at UFRGS with focus on Digital Systems and achieved his Masters also in Electrical Engineering on Telecomunications Network Management. He also author of "Autodesenvolvimento para Desenvolvedores (Self-development for developers). Ricardo has +10 years experience on R&D Management and +13 years on Embedded Eystem Development. His interest lay on Applied Strategic HR, Innovation Management and Embedded Technology as a differentiator and also on High Performance Digital Systems and FPGAs. Actually, he is editor and writer for “Repositório” blog (, editorial board member at Embarcados (https://embarcados.com.br) and he is Management and Innovation Specialist at Repo Dinâmica - Aceleradora de Produtos.
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