Survey on Developers: Motivation without Good Management

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Interestingly, developers do not have people management. But they still consider themselves motivated. What will be the result of this?

In the previous article of the series, the developer’s point of view regarding the direct manager was evaluated. Now it is assessed what they find about the company they work for.

The Brand Weight

With this question, the goal is to assess how much developers care about their boss. So the question intentionally informs that the workplace is good.

  • Most developers, even having a bad boss in giving feedback and managing people, would accept the job. And what does it mean? It means that what gives curriculum, for the majority of the developers, is the professional history.
  • The motivation ends up coming more from the “job” mark than necessarily from the function performed. In this reasoning, being the coffee guy on Facebook can be understood as a better position than being the main programmer of a small business…
  • That is: everyone wants to play in a big team.

If your actual boss changed to a new company, would you follow if invited? 40% said yes, even without a raise.

I want the Leadership stick!

In order to evaluate the influence of the lack or presence of the management in the perspectives of a professional, we asked what the expectations of the interviewees were. One can assume:

  • A very large portion wants a managerial position.
  • Most find it good to be promoted to a managerial position!
  • Obviously, as good as it sounds, most are looking for it.
  • And now the problem: the same majority does not believe in a promotion. So chances are they’ll leave the company.
  • The same majority does not put faith in a promotion. Is the lack of good people management not the problem?

What do they think about company?

This question aims to evaluate how much the manager influences the decision about the company. The result was similar to the result of the manager’s evaluation.

  • On average, they find the company “reasonable” or “slightly positive”.
  • But how do they find this without any prospect of being promoted?
  • Or how do they think this is doable without being valued?

It is still open why. But this is another research …

What is your own opinion?

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